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A Million Thanks! Zapia Surpasses One Million Users!

From day one, the dream was clear: to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to help Latin Americans live better. Today, thanks to our users, we are living that dream. Every message, every query, and every interaction has been a step towards this incredible achievement.

Zapia AI was born less than a year ago under the guidance of BrainLogic AI, a company founded by Latin American entrepreneurs in Montevideo, Uruguay, and San Francisco, California. But the story of Zapia goes back a decade, when Martín Alcalá Rubí and Nicolás Loeff, prominent figures in the field of artificial intelligence in Latin America, decided to turn their dream of entrepreneurship into reality. The advent of disruptive technologies like ChatGPT opened up a world of possibilities in their field, and this time they were determined not to let the opportunity pass. Their motivation went beyond: they wanted Latin America to progress at the pace of global innovation, without delays in the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.
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Thus, they invited Juan Pablo Pereira, Juan Olloniego, and Pablo Rodriguez-Bocca to join and complete the team of founders.

From the beginning, BrainLogic AI was fortunate to have an exceptional team, recognized as one of the most prominent in artificial intelligence in the region, working tirelessly every day to use Artificial Intelligence to create a better world. Although still a compact team in terms of numbers, BrainLogic AI boasts three PhDs and several engineers who have studied in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, France, and Uruguay.

Soon after starting operations, BrainLogic was able to raise an uncommon round of investment; the company secured $5,000,000 in the pre-seed round. It's one of the largest pre-seed rounds in LATAM, and perhaps the largest round for a Latin American Artificial Intelligence company. Furthermore, it had the support of some of the world's best investors; funds such as Anthos Capital (ranked among the top 5 Venture Capital funds in the world), Factory HQ (led by Uruguayan Diego Oppenheimer and Chris Re, a renowned entrepreneur and Artificial Intelligence professor at Stanford University), CapitalX (a fund created by Cindy Bi, a recognized investor in Silicon Valley for her high hit rate; previously invested in 13 unicorns), among other top-tier funds and private investors who supported the venture.

For the company and its founders, reaching over 1 million users today is much more than just a number; it is proof of the trust that users, from every corner of Latin America, place in the team and the project

Today, Zapia AI is a product used by users with very different needs; from merchants to large entrepreneurs, passing through university students to retirees. Some use Zapia to learn, others to be able to see or listen, transcribe audios, and even search for general information or news. Some use Zapia on WhatsApp, others on the app. Each of them makes it possible to fulfill the dream of using Artificial Intelligence to help Latin Americans live better.
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Today, from the BrainLogic AI team, we want to thank each of the Zapia users for giving us the opportunity to accompany and help them. For the Zapia team, each user is unique. Each user is everything.

Thank you for being part of this adventure. 🎉We will continue to work hard to make Zapia AI even smarter, more useful and more fun to use.

With gratitude and emotion,
The Zapia AI Team