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January 30, 2024

How to Easily Transcribe WhatsApp Voice Messages for Free

We all find it convenient to send WhatsApp audios, but often feel too lazy to listen to them. With Zapia, you can transcribe your WhatsApp voice messages easily, quickly, and for free.
Juan Pablo Pereira

Co-founder & COO



In the era of rapid and digital communication, WhatsApp has become an essential tool for personal and professional communication. So much so that in Latin America, 95% of smartphone users use WhatsApp as their main communication channel. Often, we find ourselves exchanging voice messages, which are quick and convenient to send, but can be impractical and uncomfortable to listen to.

This is where Zapia AI can help you save time and convenience.

What is Zapia AI?

Zapia is the first Artificial Intelligence Assistant developed exclusively for Latin Americans. With focus and presence in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay, Zapia is an AI Chatbot on WhatsApp that aims to help Latin Americans live better.

Zapia is a product developed by BrainLogic AI, an Artificial Intelligence company based in Silicon Valley, California, and Montevideo, Uruguay, and supported by some of the most important investment funds in the USA.

Why Transcribe WhatsApp Voice Messages?

Besides the general practicality of reading voice messages instead of listening to them, there are other reasons why it is convenient to transcribe voice messages:
  • It serves as a written backup of what we are discussing.
  • Once transcribed, you can search for that text using WhatsApp's search feature. This is very handy if one day we need to look up that conversation.
In fact, a good practice, when we receive an audio and transcribe it using Zapia AI, is to forward the transcription to the person who sent us the original audio, so the transcription remains as a reference in the shared conversation.

How to Transcribe WhatsApp Voice Messages Easily and for Free?

Transcribing WhatsApp voice messages using Zapia AI is very easy. Just follow these steps:
  • Start a conversation with Zapia AI on WhatsApp, using this link.
  • Save Zapia's contact. (Tip: you can pin it in your conversations so that it always appears as the first option)
  • Forward the WhatsApp audio you want to transcribe to Zapia's contact.
And that's it! Zapia will automatically transcribe it in a matter of seconds.

In fact, Zapia can transcribe an audio in much less time than the duration of the sent audio. Voice messages of several minutes are transcribed in a few seconds.

Zapia is Free!

Unlike other services, such as that charge a subscription to transcribe your WhatsApp audios, with Zapia you can do it 100% free.

What Else Can I Do with Zapia?

In addition to transcribing audios, Zapia AI can help you with many other things.

Hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans already use Zapia as an Artificial Intelligence assistant. Here are some of the things you can do with Zapia.
  • Find information on a huge variety of topics.
  • Get help with your studies and homework
  • Ask Zapia to help you plan. From creating a Marketing Plan for your company to a Diet Plan, or a Travel Plan.
  • You can send images for Zapia to interpret. For example, you can send an image of a plant, and Zapia can tell you what plant it is. Or you can send a photo of a bottle of wine, and Zapia can help you find where to buy it.
  • You can ask Zapia for recommendations on restaurants or local businesses
  • Zapia also functions as a friend with whom you can talk about any topic.
Additionally, Zapia is very practical, and you can communicate through both text messages and voice messages.

Privacy and Security

For us, the privacy and security of your data is fundamental. At Zapia AI, we guarantee that all information and processed audios are handled with the utmost confidentiality and security.

Why Choose Zapia AI?

  • Speed and Efficiency: Fast transcriptions that save you time.
  • Accessibility: Free and easy-to-use service.
  • Precision: High-quality transcriptions thanks to our advanced AI.