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January 30th, 2024

Zapia AI FAQs

Zapia AI is a virtual assistant created by BrainLogic; a company of Latin American origin based in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Silicon Valley, California. In this article, we will delve into the most frequent questions we receive daily at Zapia.
Giuliana Banquero

Social Media Specialist


How can I start using Zapia? What is Zapia's phone number?

Ready to join the fun with Zapia? It's easy! Just click on the corresponding link for your country to start talking with Zapia.
🇦🇷 Zapia Argentina Number: +541151990501. Start Talking with Zapia Argentina

🇧🇷 Zapia Brazil Number: +551132302407. Start Talking with Zapia Brazil.

🇨🇴 Zapia Colombia Number: +576046090016. Start Talking with Zapia Colombia

🇲🇽 Zapia Mexico Number: +527446020040. Start Talking with Zapia Mexico

🇺🇾 Zapia Uruguay Number: +59894101100 Start Talking with Zapia Uruguay

To use Zapia from any other country, you can use this link.

Does Zapia have an app?

Yes, there is a Zapia app! You can download it on AppStore or Playstore for Android and iOS.
App store button for androidApp store button for iOS

Does Zapia have a cost?

Zapia is 100% free! And it is available 24/7 for your use.

Are you curious to know what users most frequently ask Zapia? Here are some of the main questions:

  • Schoolwork: "How do I solve this physics homework?" Zapia is your friend, explaining those exercises that boggle your mind in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
  • Real Estate: "Where can I find rentals?" If you're looking for a house, apartment, or something in between, Zapia guides you based on your preferences.
  • Job Searches: "What are the best platforms for finding employment?" Zapia searches for options based on your location and the type of job you're looking for!
  • Entertainment: "What can I do for fun?" From special events to weekend plans, Zapia gives you the best recommendations.
  • Daily News: "What's happening today?" Zapia summarizes the most relevant news, whether local or international, and provides links for more details.
  • Product and Service Searches: “Where can I find clothing stores that sell Nike?” or “Where can I find a plumbing service that works on weekends?” Zapia searches for the best options in your area for whatever you need.
  • Cooking Ideas: “What can I cook with the ingredients I have in my fridge?” Zapia will provide the best and most creative recipes so you can cook without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Image Description: “What is in this photo?” “Where is this wine from?” Zapia generates as detailed a description as possible of what is seen in the image, an ideal tool for those wanting to know the origin of a product or for visually impaired users.
  • Audio Transcription: “Can Zapia convert this audio to text?” “How can I transcribe an audio with Zapia?” Simply by sending the audio, Zapia transcribes it to text, to learn more you can read this note.
  • Operation of Zapia: “Does Zapia AI have access to the internet and in real-time?” Yes! Zapia operates in real-time 24/7, so it will always respond with updated information.
And you? What would you ask Zapia? We invite you to try it! It's 100% free and available on both WhatsApp and our app for Android and iOS. Enjoy the magic of Zapia! ✨