Your AI Assistant for Real-World Tasks in Latin America

Get localized product and service advice, find the best places to eat, make reservations (coming soon), and much more.

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What's Possible with Zapia

Explore some of the tasks you can effortlessly tackle with Zapia.

Your personal Shopping and Lifestyle AI assistant. Free. In WhatsApp.

Our mission is to create the best AI assistant for shopping and experiences, specifically tailored for our Latin American community.

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Use the Zapia App to access Zapia faster and with greater functionality.

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Your personal assistant. Easy and free on Facebook Messenger.

Our mission is to create the best personal digital assistant, specifically designed for Latin America.

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Zapia For Business

We aim to improve the efficiency of businesses in Latin America

If you have a business and want to add your information to our system or improve the efficiency of your promotions and customer service, Zapia can help you.